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Food Safety Urges Top Concern

Authors: | Date:2014-10-20 03:56:00

In the afternoon of October 13th, president Sun Qixin and vice president Leng Changjian examined student canteen to investigate on daily food and its safety for the students.

Sun observed the prices and varieties of multiply dishes from every window, and praised cooks for providing students with abundant dishes with perfect color, aroma and taste.

What’s more, Sun had a cordial talk with students in canteen, inquiring their suggestions on the price, amount, taste of meals. He gave a specific observation to the free soup, requiring that it’s quality should be guaranteed.

Sun was satisfied with the service provided by the student canteen after the inspection. He repeatedly advised principals from Logistic Management Office that food hygiene and quality should be guaranteed, students’ food safety be given priority to, and stable price of canteen meals should be maintained, to win both parents’ and students’ satisfaction.

Principals from President Office, Logistic Management Office, Science and Technology Development Institution etc also attended the inspection work.

Translated by: Deng Wenting

Proofread by: Yang Xiaofeng

Edited by: Yang Yaorong