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A&F Secretary Liang Gui Inspected Campus Landscaping

Authors: | Date:2014-10-20 03:47:00

In the afternoon of Oct.13th, A&F secretary Liang Gui inspected the campus landscaping on the south campus, and discussed the relevant problems with Wang Wanzhong, the consultant of campus construction and planning, and other principals from the Office of Infrastructure Construction and the Department of Logistics.

Liang Gui pointed out that campus landscaping was an important part in the overall layout planning and construction, and it was embodiment of university pattern, grade and spirit. Liang required that the Department of Logistics assess current campus landscaping status and put forward the overall design plan on the basis of “The Overall Planning of Campus Construction”. Meanwhile, the Department of Logistics ought to update designing notion, improve management standards, better the management methods, and strengthen the daily management so as to create a harmonious learning and living environment for teachers and students.

Translated by Qiao Caixia

Proofread by: Yang Xiaofeng

Edited by: Yang yaorong