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A&F Secretary Liang Gui Met with Foreign Guests Attending 80th Anniversary

Authors: | Date:2014-09-19 12:18:00

Accompanying A&F 80th anniversary of foundation and 15th anniversary of merging, the international forum of China western development strategy and ecological civilization construction was held in A&F from Sept. 12 to 13. During the forum, secretary Liang Gui respectively met with president Linda Katehi from Davis branch school of University of California, vice president Andrew West from Lincoln University in New Zealand, and professor Ren Zhushan U.S famous ethnic Chinese politician and the former vice minister of U.S. Ministry of Agriculture.

A&F and University of California Davis officially signed the interschool cooperation agreement since 2000. After the agreement, both sides interacted frequently and enriched the academic exchange. Liang Gui expressed that the international forum of China western development strategy and ecological civilization construction and the foundation of China-U.S. joint research center for food safety would help to promote close and substantial cooperation partnership with each other.

When meeting  the delegation of Lincoln University in New Zealand, Liang said that he was impressed by its major setup, management capacity and management way when he visited Lincoln University as college board chairman in 2013. Liang was very interested in the program for agricultural economy direction, and hoped that the two universities could cooperate in the field of agricultural economy and landscape architecture in the future.

Secretary Liang and professor Ren Zhushan talked a lot about agricultural production, transformation of science and technology, and agricultural history research. Secretary Liang said that with the urbanization, industrialization and informatization, our diet, and ways of life and works changed as well, which would lead to the change in the mode of agriculture production. Scale production was helpful to promote mechanization, but on the other hand it bore the risk of excessive use of land resources, therefore, the Yangling’s white paper of agricultural technology development in arid China aimed to explore how to realize the sustainable development and model innovation, and how to draw valuable foreign experience so as to make close combination in industry-university-research. Liang hoped that prof. Ren could continue to promote the cooperation between the two universities even the two countries and the bilateral relations development.

Translated by: Qiao Caixia

Proofread by: Yang Xiaofeng

Edited by: Yang yaorong