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President Sun Qixin Met with Foreign(overseas) Guests Attending the 80th A&F Anniversary

Authors: | Date:2014-09-19 12:15:00

During the celebration of the 80th anniversary of founding and the 15th anniversary of merging, president Sun Qixin met with foreign(overseas) guests who attended “International Forum for the Development Strategy of Western China and the Construction of Ecological Civilization” in 202 VIP room of International Exchange Center, including the delegation from the College of Biotic Resources& Agronomy of National Taiwan University, the delegation from National Chung Hsing University, University of Groningen president Sibrand Poppema, University of Hawaii president Tom Apple, University of Nebraska - Lincoln president Harvey Perlman, Wageningen University vice president Van Boekel, professor Ronnie Coffman the director of International Office of Cornel University. Cordial and friendly talks went well, during which Sun warmly welcomed the guests visiting A&F University in session of her anniversary, while the guests provided their sincere congratulations.

In meeting with Taiwanese guests, Sun thanked their universities for their long-time support and concern to A&F University, considering that the two cultural exchange programme in each summer vacation for A&F students to experience in Taiwan established a beneficial platform for the exchange between students in Taiwan and mainland, hoping that the interaction among young talents would be enhanced and that cooperations in scientific research and personnel training be improved in the future. According to Sun, there is a long history of both A&F-National Taiwan University communication and A&F-National Chung Hsing University exchange, and there would be wide-ranging cooperations in the future. The dean of College of Biotic Resources& Agronomy of National Taiwan University Xu Yuantai conveyed president Yang Panchi’s regards, who has been attaching importance to the exchange with A&F University, hoping cooperations in demonstration base construction of high-tech agriculture, in joint cultivation of students, in holding forums collaboratively etc would be carried out in the future.

Sibrand Poppema, the president of University of Groningen, introduced that besides traditional energies, his university was making prominent achievements in studying healthy population aging and sustainable development of society in recent years.  What’s more,Sun proposed that there be great prospect for the two universities to communicate in bioenergy engineering, which is worth of discussion to promote the cooperation.

In meeting with Tom Apple, the president of University of Hawaii, Sun pointed out that A&F University students are desperately needful of international exchange experience, thus A&F would designate students to have academic visits in overseas universities, hoping that cooperations in multiply aspect, especially in food safety, would be developed in the future.

Agreement on Cooperative China-foreign Undergraduate Education Project was signed by Sun and Harvey Perlman, the president of University of Nebraska - Lincoln, which is A&F’s first project for cooperative education, aiming at introducing superior education resources, advanced teaching principles and refined school-running as well as management experience in personnel training of food science and engineering from UNL. Harvey Perlman thanked A&F University for receiving their students to have academic visits this May. Besides, he considered that A&F and UNL had a lot in common, such as geographical position and major setting. Sun put forward that close cooperation in challenging study of water resources could be established, and expected to have a chance to visit UNL next year.

In meeting with the delegation from Wageningen University, Sun pointed out that multiply similarities in development, subject setting, external environment etc create favorable conditions for the two universities to cooperate.As WU is  one of A&F’s most important partners in Europe, Sun hoped that the cooperation with it could be widened to joint students training, teachers exchange, scientific research etc to promote the development of both colleges. What’s more, Van Boekel considered that as a key university, A&F was exquisite in campus environment, and admiring in scientific research, which gave him deep impression. He hoped that existing foundation for cooperation would be fortified, and more could be developed in the future to establish stable partnership.

In meeting with professor Ronnie Coffman, the director of International Office of Cornel University, Sun expressed his satisfaction of the agreement on 2+2 project for jointly cultivating undergraduates signed in 2013 between A&F and CU, hoping cooperative areas would be expanded taking advantage of the agreement, and teachers exchange, joint students training as well as scientific research collaboration would be enhanced.


Translated by: Deng Wenting

Proofread by: Yang Xiaofeng

Edited by: Yang Yaorong