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A&F 80th Anniversary Celebration Evening Held

Authors: | Date:2014-09-13 11:50:00

In the evening of Sept. 12, the athletic field on A&F north campus was immersed with the happiness and excitement of the celebration show for A&F 80th anniversary of foundation and 15th anniversary of merging. The performance team consists of over 600 teachers and students, and they delivered good wishes by beautiful melody, singing, and elegant dance. More than 20,000 teachers and students happily celebrated the 80 anniversary, wishing A&F a better future., A&F leaders Yang Jingkun, Xu Yangfu, Ma Jianhua, alumni representatives, teachers and students attended the party.

The show consisted of 12 programs in four parts-Happy Birthday, Historical Gallery, Progressing with times and University & China dream. Through the singing and dancing, poetry readings, and sitcoms, it vividly showed the historic development in construction, development and take-off. It highlighted the achievement since the foundation and merging, and showed the steadfast determination to construct the first-class agricultural university in the world. The scene poetry “Footstep” was an epitome of A&F history; group poetry “Shinning Youth” showed the students’ energy; “Butterflies Dance in Plum Fragrance ” and “Pilot forward” were beautiful visual  feast; orchestra “Energetic A&F” showed the campus culture; and musical dance “Departure ” and “A&F and China dream” echoed the beginning, and indicated the bravery of A&F teachers and students.
A&F began to prepare the celebration party since April, and it was all designed and performed by students. More than 600 students gave up the summer vocation, and worked in the Xiushan activity center. Every word, every action, and every singing wanted to be the best, which was full of sincere emotion and deep thanks for A&F cultivation. The party was presided over by the recent graduate alumni Zhang Jiale, Zhou Chenyang, Peng Dongmei and Liu Jingyi.

Teachers and students spoke highly of the performance. The present teachers and students gave their best wishes to A&F through wechat and weibo. All believed that it showed anniversary principles, and it was worth of the praise.

Translated by: Qiao Caixia

Proofread by: Yang Xiaofeng

Edited by: Yang Yaorong