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A&F and Nebraska-Lincoln Signed on Cooperative Education

Authors: | Date:2014-09-13 11:34:00

On Sept.13, A&F and U.S. University of Nebraska-Lincoln president Sun Qixin and Harvey Perlman signed in international exchange center the cooperative education agreement, the “3+1” joint education of food science and engineering undergraduate. Vice executive president Zhao Zhong and vice president Luo Jun attended the signing ceremony.

In the agreement, “three” means three years’ study in A&F and “one” means one year in University of Nebraska-Lincoln, two universities participate in the talent cultivating program and curriculum planning together, and count in course credits of the partner mutually. After graduation, the students will receive two bachelor degree certificates. And the diploma is exactly the same as is assigned to native American students.

The term of the agreement is nine years. Five years, each year it will recruit 60 undergraduates, and duration is four years. Through learning and training, students will master basic theory and skill in food processing technology, food engineering design, food analysis and inspection, and food quality control, so as to they are able to become senior engineering and technical person in food production and processing, quality management, new product development, and plant design.

Before the signing, Sun and Harvey Perlman had friendly talks, and both hoped that the two universities can enhance the substantial cooperation among professors, and promote deeper cooperation.


Translated by: Qiao Caixia

Proofread by: Yang Xiaofeng

Edited by: Yang Yaorong